Sleepyhead Pure Balance Rejuvenate Range

Sleepyhead Pure Balance Rejuvenate Range

Sleepyhead’s FlexiCoil spring system features FIVE zone technology. Individually wrapped coils form part of a FIVE zone design system which gives you stronger support in the parts of your body where you need it most – your hips and shoulders. It also gives you minimal partner disturbance for a better night’s sleep.

pocket spring 2019

5 -Zone FLEXICOIL Support

Individually wrapped pocket springs form part of a 5-zone system which gives you stronger hip and shoulder support.


Firm Dreamfoam®

High-density, environmentally-friendly foam that provides extra support and luxurious comfort.


Ultra-Fresh® Treated

Ultra-fresh antimicrobials help protect against a range of triggers that cause asthma & allergies.

Climatex Quilt

Climatex Quilt

The dream sleep surface. High loft fibre gives bounce back between two layers of superior dream foam – breathable, cooling and with minimal wear.

Dunlop Foams

Dunlop Foams

A combination of plush, durable, premium Australian made comfort layer foams for a medium, soft feel.

Gel Infused Latex

Gel-infused Latex

Latex-infused gel provides long-lasting cooling comfort and natural ventilation.

comfort-edge 2019


Solid foam edge provides support right to the edge of the mattress which reduces the feeling of rolling out.

ENDORSED BY Osteopathy Australia

ENDORSED BY Osteopathy Australia

Osteopathy Australia represents osteopaths across all Australian states & territories & is a member of the Allied Health Professions Australia & Osteopathic International Alliance.

Note All prices are for the mattress and the bases are sold separately

Available in Single | King Single | Double | Queen | King


Sleepyhead Pure Balance Rejuvenate Range

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