Some of our Timber Ranges

Either the country cottage or coastal themes are perfectly matched with our new Oregon collection. This timeless range never gets old with its contrasted natural wood tops and classic white panels.

Beautiful…. the best way to describe this range. Made on Acacia timber in a stunning Driftwood colour, this range is elegant in its’ simplicity. Also available is a full range of extra piece in this range- you could fill your bedroom, office or home with this and be more than happy for many years!

Our SantaFe has a distinctive architectural style all of its own, showcasing the earth-colours of sun-dried terracotta and straw finished in a brushed hardwood acacia timber. These contemporary sleek new look elements can blend with all modern décor.

Flinders Family

Take a stroll through the country with the farmhouse style range. This new model "Flinders" brings a rural, rustic look to your home offering a true vintage feel to enjoy for years to come.

A deep aged barley colour characterises our Longyard Range, the rough-sawn country aesthetic is complemented by the large proportions and rustic handles. The Longyard features a beautiful range of pieces providing style and space to your living area.

Our Exclusive Lewis collection is constructed with solid reclaimed pine timber with a two-toned finish application in an trendy light grayish brown finish. The Buffet and Table top have an interesting inlay top with planked effect that has to be seen to appreciate. This range is absolutly stunning and an easy to match with any recycled ranges.

Each Piece of the Retro Range is uniquely crafted from solid mangowood and is stunningly beautiful as it shows the raw detail and brings out a certain glow of natural wood. Complimented with the gently tapered black legs this industrial range creates an ambiance that nothing else can match.

Sheesham exclusive to Furniture Court

Sheesham, or also known as Indian rosewood, is found in India. The trees grow for as long as 22 years, and they can reach to as much as 30 meters tall. The diameter of the trees can be as wide as 1.5 meters. These large trees produce wood that’s heavy and dense. It has superior strength, which makes it a high quality wood for fine furniture. Upon collection, the wood is polished, which leaves behind a smooth surface that is attractive. The natural marking of the wood makes every piece of furniture made from sheesham wood unique.  Many people who consider buying sheesham wood furniture pieces do so because it’s high quality and has a rich chestnut colour and rustic appearance. And we love it.


Fantastic hardwood Messmate timber range that shows off the natural, well defined rings and course grain of the tree. This modern designed and well crafted furniture will be a feature in your home for years to come.

Making your house a home! Its always exciting.. makes you want to do a little dance!

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